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High Environmental Value


Minervois P.D.O. & Minervois - La Livinère P.D.O.

High Environmental Value » certification is awarded to farms implementing  practices that are particularly environmentally friendly.


Decree 2011-694 of June 20, 2011 inserted in article D 617-4 of the rural code, and its order of June 20 2011 also amended by the order or February 22, 2016, established three levels of certification, of which level 3, that of the Angel Pigassou vineyard, is the highest.

The environmental certification level 3, the highest level of certification, is the only one allowing to claim the mention ‘High Environmental Value Estate”.

The certificate issued  by an independent authority, is bound to respect four requirements:

  • biodiversity conservation;

  • plant protection strategy,

  • fertilization management

  • water resource management


Each of these requirements is itemized  in specifications working in accordance with a points system, the total of which granting or not the certificate “High Environmental Value Estate” and thus offering and promising a guarantee that farming practices on air, water, soil, climate, biodiversity have  a minimum impact on the environment

On March 3, 2021 Bureau Veritas certified the Angel Pigassou Estate met  the  “High Environmental Value”standards

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